World Class Service

Glassbond (NW) Ltd has grown and developed over the last 45 years and is now recognised as the world’s largest independent manufacturer of adhesive lamp capping cement, supplying customers in over 25 countries.

We also supply high performance instant (C-Bond) cyanoacrylates, UV curable (U-Bond), anaerobic (αbic) threadlocking adhesives developed for both general, engineering and specialised applications within the manufacturing industry.  Our range of products provides full flexibility and excellent results across a wide range of substrates.

Our High Temperature ceramic adhesives are sold throughout Europe via a network of dedicated agents and distributors. These products offer the versatility you need at temperatures in excess of 1000 oC  and can be used for bonding, potting, encapsulating and many more applications.

We are also the world’s largest producer of bespoke thermosetting moulding compounds specifically for the lawn bowl market, with over 100 products and colour combinations being supplied to customers throughout the UK and Australia.

With global sales in excess of £3.5m per annum and customers that include major companies such as Rolls Royce, General Electric, Osram, Philips, Ledvance, Henselite and Taylor Bowls.