Glassbond is also the world’s largest producer of bespoke thermosetting moulding compound materials specifically for the lawn bowl market with over 100 density and colour combinations. The moulding compounds division supplies customers throughout the UK and Australia.

Manufactured in our UK based moulding compounds division, our products are supplied to customers throughout the UK and Australia.
Customers include the four major Lawn Bowl manufacturers, Drakes Pride, Taylor Bowls, Henselite and Aerobowls.

Benefitting from a programme of continuous product development and innovation our coloured thermosetting moulding compounds are now recognised as the products of choice for flat and crown green bowls manufacture throughout the world. Although primarily intended for the flat and crown green bowling markets, our melamine and phenolic moulding compounds can also be utilised in electrical and automotive applications, where heat resistant, high gloss and colour identification systems are required.

Phenolic Moulding Compounds

Suitable for Flat & Crown Green Bowls

Incorporating both inorganic and organic materials, phenol formaldehyde moulding compounds exhibit heat resistance, high surface quality, good mechanical and minimal post shrinkage properties. They provide excellent surface finish, dimensional stability and high impact strength.

Available in granular powder and a range of flows suitable for both compression and injection moulding, they are designed primarily for the crown and flat green bowling market but are also suitable for numerous applications within the domestic and leisure markets.

Melamine Moulding Compounds

A versatile product, suitable for a number of applications

Composed of Melamine formaldehyde resin, cellulose fibres, lubricants and pigments they can be manufactured in light fast, vibrant colours with a glossy and durable surface finish.

They possess excellent colour and dimensional stability properties and are recommended for applications where long term UV colour stability and high surface finish are required.

The coloured melamine moulding materials are utilised extensively in the flat green bowling industry as they exhibit good heat and moisture resistance. In addition, they are available in a wide range of single colours and numerous, visually striking colour combinations.

Our latest addition is a new range of striking fluorescent colours - available in green, pink, yellow and orange. Guaranteed to catch the eye and turn heads.

Other applications include electric plugs and switchgear and also table and kitchenware products.