For over 20 years, Glassbond UK and Sauereisen USA have been working together to provide our customers with solutions to their bonding and potting applications.

 Manufactured in Glassbonds UK bespoke facility and supplied to numerous commercial customers across Europe, these speciality high temperature ceramic adhesives bond to most ceramic glass and metal substrates and are used globally for high temperature (> 500 ⁰C) electrical assembly applications.

Glassbond has, over it’s 40 year history, gained a reputation for continuous technical and product development.  Our current customer base includes high profile companies such as BASF, Camfil, Rolls Royce, Ledvance, Philips Signify, General Electric and numerous UK and European based academic and research organisations.

The high temperature ceramic adhesive products we manufacture and supply from our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited facility, are manufactured under licence from Sauereisen USA, have a long established reputation for quality, reliability and innovation excellence and are sold throughout Europe via a network of long established and dedicated agents and distributors.



Industries & Applications

Additional applications also exist in areas such as fibre optics, 3D printers, solar, automotive, wafer manufacturing, aerospace, pressurised metering devices and cutlery manufacture.


Halogen / Dichroic / HPS Lamps / Metal Halide
  • Ceramic and quartz assembly typical
  • Requires low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High thermal conductivity preferred


Samplers / Sensors / Tips / Tube
  • Potting application of quartz into ceramic body requiring high thermal properties
  • Adhesive application to affix thermal insulating tape to cardboard
  • Coating application for sampling caps

High Temperature Filter / Catalysts

  • Adhesive applications
  • Bonds high-temperature filter media into stainless steel or aluminium housing
  • Bonds stacked components or internal components nested within a filter unit

Heating Elements

Coils / Cartridge Heaters / Sheath
  • Enables transmission or dissipation of heat
  • Secures element and maintains assembly
  • High temperature resistance and electrical insulation


Wire Wound / “Boat” or “Bathtub” / Rheostat
  • Coating, potting and/or encapsulation
  • Seals resistance wire placed in or upon ceramic base
  • Specified for electrical insulation

Hot Surface Igniters

Hot Surface / Spark / Silicon Carbide / Silicon Nitride
  • Low thermal expansion cement required
  • Offers refractory properties through 2600°F
  • Cement required for bonding or potting wire into ceramic body
  • Able to withstand low voltages during ignition


Product Selection Criteria

Simple and Easy to mix

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Our adhesives are sold throughout Europe via a network of dedicated agents and distributors in the major cities.

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